Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery PlanningKatrina was enough to make us all understand the importance of having and maintaining a fail-proof disaster recovery plan. Keeping your company up and running despite unplanned interruptions has become a reality, not an exercise. PILEUM engineers were at work on September 29, 2005, despite their own homes and families being affected by the hurricane. We worked night and day, 24/7, for weeks regaining business continuity for our clients. We know what disaster recovery means at the pinnacle of the storm.

Business Continuity

Business continuity and contingency planning are top priority for PILEUM clients in light of Hurricane Katrina. The “exercise” of making sure business is uninterrupted in a disaster is now a proven deliverable for PILEUM clients. 

In light of the horrific devastation of Katrina, we had many of our clients back in business minutes after the storm. We understand that each and every minute and hour of down time has a price. We even understand and help clients calculate the economic consequence of that down time.

PILEUM engineers work to design solid business continuity and contingency plans in every environment we support. It is a complex undertaking, involving a number of planning, implementation, and testing procedures that require the commitment of senior management. Let PILEUM develop the roadmap and help sell it to senior management. We know how to make this happen.

Technical Support

PILEUM engineers have hands-on experience helping with the recovery of many data centers across Mississippi after Katrina. Since that devastating storm, our engineers have worked with customers to develop plans to avoid uninterrupted outages. We have the hands-on experience to give IT managers the needed safeguards to get the business back up and running and the expertise to convince senior management it is critical to do this for business continuity. 

The first step in a sensible business continuity plan is to consider the potential impact of each type of disaster or event. This is critical in determining the back up procedures necessary and the financial impact to the business. Next is a phased-in approach to get to the desired result. PILEUM is experienced in all aspects of disaster recovery. We will help build the plan, phase in the solutions, and we will even aid in the DR support that is necessary in a disaster.

PILEUM offers assistance for continuous monitoring of network and onsite support as needed. This includes complete monitoring of network servers, LAN/WAN, and Internet. We offer this year-round but also in the peak of the hurricane season. If your needs go beyond our website explanations, please call us to discuss. PILEUM tailors many solutions to individual client needs.

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