fūsus Unified Awareness For Smarter Policing

fūsus extracts and unifies live video and data feeds from virtually any source, creating a central hub that enhances the situational awareness and investigative capabilities of law enforcement and public safety agencies.

Real Time Crime Center: Whether it’s a drone, a traffic camera, a private cell phone video, a
building security camera, or a bomb disposal robot, fūsus can extract the live video feed and send
it to your emergency operations center and officers in the field.


Public Safety Evidence & Personnel Management: We combine video with real time officer
geolocator feeds and a digital evidence vault for investigators, enabling Law Enforcement and
Public Safety agencies to operate more efficiently, and with improved operational intelligence.


Private Sector Adoption: We create a public safety ecosystem that includes a registry map of all
the public and private cameras in your region and a multi media tips line for the public,
emphasizing officer, citizen, and community safety. 


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