IT Security and Forensics

PILEUM network security services feature our expertise in the area of network security, threat, and vulnerability assessments to help our clients by providing practical, cost-effective solutions to safeguard vital information.

External/Internal Server Analysis

External Vulnerability Assessment Scans

The goal of external vulnerability scans is to detect, quantify, and prioritize security vulnerabilities associated with the critical servers within a network. We use specialized vulnerability assessment software to test for hundreds of security issues in a relatively short period of time. These issues include flaws or weaknesses in operating system software, server-based application software, and communication services.

Internal Vulnerability Assessment Scans

Internal Vulnerability Assessment Scans are sourced from within the customer’s network. In most cases, this allows a more accurate assessment of system countermeasures because it ensures that any issues affecting the servers, which might be masked by the firewall, are identified.

Workstation Analysis

Network workstations often present an easy target for attackers. If compromised, they can be used to gather information to launch an attack on a much more important resource such as a network server. Therefore, it is important that these systems be properly secured. Pileum engineers have the tools and expertise to assess for these vulnerabilities.

Network Device Analysis

The firewall is typically the focal point of an organization’s security countermeasures. It controls inbound and outbound traffic between trusted and untrusted networks based on user configured rules and settings. In most organizations, the firewall is the first line of defense, and it provides the internal network with secure access to the Internet. It is crucial that the firewall be properly configured, monitored for suspicious activity, and updated to avoid potential security problems.

Database Testing

To perform a thorough test of a database server, it is recommended that the database server application itself be tested as well as the operating system it resides on. The Database Testing Service provides this additional testing, allowing us to evaluate Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL, and Lotus Notes/Dominoes for a wide variety of security issues. These issues include Access Control, Application Integrity, Identification/Password Control, Denial of Service, Misconfigurations, Password Attacks, and Vulnerabilities.

Firewall/VPN Concentrator Analysis

Firewall Vulnerability Assessment Scan

The Firewall Vulnerability Assessment Scan provides a basic vulnerability assessment of a firewall device. Specialized vulnerability assessment software is used to test the firewall for hundreds of security issues in a relatively short period of time.

Firewall/VPN Analysis

The Firewall/VPN Analysis provides a more comprehensive evaluation compared with the Firewall Vulnerability Assessment Scan. This includes examination of the firewall/VPN for potential security vulnerabilities and examination of the rulebase.

Penetration Testing

PILEUM engineers simulate and use the same tools that a hacker would to penetrate hosts within the network. External penetration testing is a close simulation of an actual hack attempt.

Internal penetration testing is meant to simulate a scenario in which the attack is originating from the internal network, such as a disgruntled employee or an attacker who has somehow gained access to the internal network.

Remote Access Analysis

Remote Access Testing evaluates the configuration of communication devices in the network and also includes a vulnerability scan of those devices. Thus determining if appropriate authentication and encryption mechanism are in use. War dialing is also used to test an organization's telephone lines for unauthorized communications devices. Communications devices include facsimile machines, workstation modems, RAS servers, and communications servers.


  • Risk assessments
  • Gap analysis
  • Solution design
  • Decision documentation
  • Vendor selection
  • Policy and procedures evaluation
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Business associate contract review
  • Employee training
  • Intrusion testing
  • Management presentations


  • Improve internal controls and management oversight
  • Reduce operational and litigation risks
  • Improve the likelihood of positive compliance assessments

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