PILEUM Technology Services provide our clients with the required planning, design, and implementation blueprints for today’s complex networking environments. Today more and more businesses depend on their network as the heartbeat of their business success. The network must be reliable as well as redundant as the migrations of more demanding applications are being added such as Voice and Video. Network Assessments are critical to the success of new technology rollouts.

Network Planning

PILEUM Network Planning services provide our clients with strategic, operational, and tactical reviews of their current network and future requirements. Using our structured, proven methodologies, we identify critical business, technical, and operational requirements, develop comprehensive project and program plans, assess technologies, and recommend courses of implementation. 


Our Network Planning services typically include the following activities:

  • Documenting client business requirements
  • Developing strategic network architectures
  • Performing network baseline, network manageability, and security audits
  • Preparing capacity plans for the physical network, including bandwidth allocations for protocols and applications
  • Specifying preferred technologies
  • Planning for implementation of specified technologies


Network planning is essential to ensuring high-performance, long-term network operations. Our understanding of both business requirements and networking technologies helps us plan new networks and evolve existing networks to maximize efficiency, lower your costs, and enhance your business processes. 


Client deliverables for network planning are defined in the statement of work or program proposal provided during the initial account development meeting. Examples of deliverables that are often provided under Network Planning services include findings and recommendations for the following items:

  • Technology assessments and integration plans
  • Network utilization baselines
  • Development of client-defined program and project plans
  • Network upgrade programs and high-level implementation plans
  • Routing protocol upgrade and migration plans
  • IP addressing and sub-netting plans


Our Network Planning services are scaled to the complexity of your business and to your requirements. Typical engagements run from one to four weeks for each major deliverable.

Network Design

PILEUM Network Design services assist our clients with developing detailed network specifications and implementation tactics necessary to achieve their business objectives. Our consultants produce the engineering documentation for your physical, logical, and operational network infrastructures. In producing these design deliverables, they consider how the new technology will integrate into your existing hardware and software and how it will be managed going forward. We have substantial expertise in the design and optimization of shared transport SNA and TCP/IP networks, and we are proficient in both legacy and emerging networking disciplines. Our WAN expertise includes all commercial transport technologies, interior and exterior routing protocols, and commonly used network protocols. We also have extensive network design and implementation experience with high-performance LANs and ATM backbone switching technology. 


Our Network Design services typically include the following activities:

  • Defining functional requirements
  • Developing multi-vendor integration plans
  • Preparing technical design documentation
  • Developing engineering specifications and documents
  • Preparing RFP specifications or other make/buy criteria
  • Providing detailed component purchasing lists


Design needs are seldom satisfied by a generic “one size fits all” approach. Because PILEUM supports all vendors, our consultants can objectively choose among the many products and technologies available to create a custom-solution that best meets your needs. Moreover, each consultant can draw on the experience of all of our network professionals via our collaborative on-line solutions resource, thus ensuring the successful integration of diverse products.


We deliver design documentation that identifies the specific technologies to be used and how these technologies are to be configured and implemented. 

Sample deliverables include:

  • Strategic network design, including technology selection, transport protocol, topology recommendations, and a forecast of future capacity demands
  • Detailed network design development, including hardware and software component selection, complete engineering of materials, and supporting documentation
  • Network design configuration requirements, including router and switch setup
  • Working drawings such as rack and hub layouts, wiring centers, and cable plants


Our Network Design services are scaled to the complexity of your business and to your requirements. Typical engagements run from two to eight weeks for each major deliverable or milestone.

Network Implementation

PILEUM Network Implementation services utilize our expertise in integrating new networking systems without disrupting our clients’ ongoing business operations, and providing value-added services, such as IP addressing, router configuration, and project management. Our network implementation capabilities include construction and rollout of network operations/management centers, router rollout and implementation, switch deployment, and carrier provisioning for WANs.


Our Network Implementation services are customized for each client. Depending on work scope and content, they may include some or all of the following activities:

  • Deploying high-speed backbone networks
  • Integrating network management platforms
  • Building network operations and management centers
  • Implementing remote access technology
  • Reconfiguring and upgrading network elements, systems, and facilities
  • Testing, certifying, and documenting the network


Successful implementation of network solutions involves multiple disciplines and technologies. With our comprehensive expertise, we ensure the timely and complete implementation of your network solutions to help you go to market more quickly and to maximize your competitive focus, with minimal disruption of your business operations. 


Network Implementation services are defined to suit your unique requirements, ranging from technical support of volume rollout efforts to full “turnkey” delivery of network operations centers. We focus on value-added delivery in a number of areas:

  • Cost and time-managed implementation programs, delivered on time and within budget
  • Routine and periodic program reporting, with milestone control
  • Positive change order control, with full audit trace back to the change originator
  • Verification that components and transport are operating according to design specifications
  • Complete “as built” documentation of the physical and logical network


Our Network Implementation services are scaled to the complexity of your business and to your requirements. Typical engagements run from two to four weeks for each major deliverable. Supplemental staffing resources are also available for larger-scale and long-term implementation programs.

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