Server/Desktop Virtualization

Server Virtualization has revolutionized the IT industry by dramatically reducing hardware costs while increasing the availability and recoverability of critical business applications. Most organizations find that by deploying a virtual server infrastructure they can deliver their software applications using a fraction of the server hardware that a traditional non-virtualized approach requires. These lessened hardware requirements result in significant savings on maintenance, electrical power costs and cooling costs. This, combined with an increase in overall server availability and improved disaster recovery posture, makes a compelling business case for server virtualization!

Desktop Virtualization, commonly referred to as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI, is similar in concept to server virtualization but the business case is significantly different. The benefits of this technology are less about reductions in physical hardware and more about improved management of the end user experience, improved user mobility, data loss prevention and improved disaster recovery. Similarly, the technical considerations, such as SAN selection, host server specifications and LAN/WAN implementation, for designing a virtual desktop solution are significantly different from those of a virtual server infrastructure. 

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